Registering for the Masquerade

Registering At the Convention

Darth Bunny

We now offer two ways to sign up for the Shore Leave Masquerade. Choose whichever method best suits you. Please note that advance registration still requires you to check in at the convention (see below).

Online sign ups can be done up to the Sunday before the convention. (After Sunday, the Masquerade Director cannot process signups in time.)

If you register in advance, you will still need to come to the signup table to sign the release, drop off documentation, and discuss technical cues. Please come to the Masquerade table between 10am and 3:30pm.


The Shore Leave Masquerade cannot guarantee the safety of any materials turned in at the table! Instead of giving us a favorite CD and telling us to "play track 6," burn a CD with only that song. Instead of giving us a favorite photo for documentation, give us a scanned or photocopied duplicate. (Up to 6 copies would be great, so that each judge can have their own copy.)

There will be equipment at registration to be sure that homemade CDs and other digital media will play.