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Pre-registration: Melissa James


General (includes fan panels): Marilyn Mann
Children's/Teen Events Eta Hack
Filking: Melissa James
Science: Inge Heyer
Masquerade: Thomas Atkinson
Small Budget Films: Tom Donnelly
Game Room: Jim Kratzer
Art Show Robyn Becker

Charity events

Charities Coordinator Jeanne Maas
Blood Drive: Jayne and Anthony Volkens
Poker Tournament Sharon McKlveen


Actor Guest Liaisons: Don Ramsey & Kett Kettering
Writer Guest Liaison: Inge Heyer
Science Guest Liaison: Inge Heyer


Dealers: Debbie Priester
Disabilities Services Maria White
Publicity and Media Relations: Mike Schilling
Emporium: Kathleen Scrimger
Logistical Support: Michael G.
Volunteering: Don Ramsey
Security Detail: William Becker
Program Book Advertisements: Weston Scrimger
Hotel Issues: Marilyn Mann and Edith Delacot

For all other contacts please send e-mail to: information[at]shore-leave[dot]com.

Postal Contact:
Shore Leave
P.O. Box 6809
Towson, MD 21285-6809