Charitable Events

Eighth Annual Robbie Greenberger Memorial Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament

In memory of Robbie Greenberger, we'll be holding our Eighth Annual Texas Hold-Em Tournament on the evening of Saturday, July 8, in Salon A, immediately after the Masquerade. (Tournament details and entry requirements.)

Shore Leave Blood Drive

The Shore Leave Blood Drive is scheduled for Sunday, July 9 from 9:00am to 2:30pm.

Maryland Food Bank

The Shore Leave information table (located at the bottom of the escalator) will once more be collecting pre-packaged food items for The Maryland Food Bank. Any non-perishable food that can sit on the shelf for a while is appreciated. Examples are canned vegetables, fruit, meats/fish and soups. Also, bags and or boxes of rice and beans,milk, soy, rice, etc. If you are unable to give food, money always work just fine. For every $1 you give the food bank can buy $4 worth of food.