Robbie Greenberger Memorial Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament

If you’ve attended previous Shore Leaves and were a late-night convention participant, you might have seen Robbie Greenberger and friends playing Texas Hold-em wherever they could find a quiet-out-of-the-way corner. In memory of Robbie, Shore Leave will hold its annual Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament on the evening of Saturday, July 27th, immediately after the Masquerade award presentation. Consult the Pocket Program for the location.

As Robbie and his friends only played for chips (and to keep us in compliance with state and county regulations), our chips will represent points and have no monetary value. As in any Texas hold-em tournament, the winner will be the player holding all the issued chips. Players will be awarded certificates showing how they placed in the tournament (in this regard it will be just like winning in Monopoly).

As with previous tournaments, you must show proof of a donation to either your local or national chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (L&LS). When you donate, select “Yes” to the question “Is this gift a tribute?” under the “Personalize your Donation” section. Then select “In memory of…” and enter Robbie Greenberger in the “Honoree’s First & Last Name” sections.

If you would like further information, please contact the Poker Tournament Director.