The Shore Leave Emporium

While at the convention, visit our Emporium, located at the base of the escalators, to get the latest in Shore Leave branded merchandise including a variety of tee shirts, polo shirts and lanyards. We also carry earrings, rulers, Shore Leave's mascot the white rabbit, fabric and many other items may be found. Please check us out.

This year the Emporium is adding a bunny key chain and a silver-chained bunny pendant. These will be available for $5 each at the our table at the bottom of the escalators

Items available for pre-order

Shore Leave 40 Polo Shirt

Our official Shore Leave 40 in burgundy will can be pre-ordered in all sizes from small to 5X prior to the June 15, 2018 cut off date for delivery at Shore Leave 40. Only sizes Large through 3XL will be available for sale at the table.

Any orders received after June 15 will be sent to you after the convention.


Ladies' V-Neck Tee Shirt

Ladies' V-Neck Tee Shirt PRE-ORDER ONLY - Back again this year will be a ladies' V-neck tee shirt with the same Shore Leave 40 logo. The shirts will be garnet and sell for $35.00 each. The shirts are available in sizes small through 3XL only. Order before June 15 if you want Shore Leave 40 delivery.

Any orders received after June 15 will be sent to you after the convention.


Shore Leave Bunnies

Shore Leave Bunny When The Enterprise crew beamed down to that unnamed planet in the Omicron Delta region, one of the first creatures they encountered was a white rabbit. When we named the convention for the Shore Leave episode, it was inevitable that The White Rabbit would be our mascot.

Take home a Shore Leave bunny of your very own!

Order a Bunny now and pick it up at the convention for just $10.