Shore Leave 44: Guests

Guests will be available for autographs the entire weekend (unless noted otherwise).
There will be an Official Autograph session on Saturday and Sunday where attendees will be able to have one item autographed for free by two of our guests who will be announced at a later time.
See Official Policies for more details.

Amanda Tapping
Stargate:SG-1's Dr Samantha Carter, Sanctuary's Dr Helen Magnus, and Supernatural's Naomi.

Teryl Rothery
Stargate:SG-1's Dr Janet Fraiser, Caprica's Evelyn, and Arrow's Jean Loring.

Greg Grunberg
Star Wars sequels's Snap Wexley, Heroes's Matt Parkman, and Alias's Eric Weiss.

Ingvild Deila
Rogue One's Princess Leia, and Avengers: Age of Ultron's World Hub Tech.

D.B. Woodside
Lucifer's Amenadiel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Principal Robin Wood, and 24's President Wayne Palmer.

Lesley-Ann Brandt
Lucifer's Mazikeen, Spartacus's Naevia, and The Walking Dead - The Ones Who Live's Thorne.

Robin Curtis
Star Trek: Film's Saavik, Star Trek: TNG's Tallera, and Babylon 5's Ambassador Kalika.

BarBara Luna
Star Trek: TOS's Marlena, Buck Rogers's Koori, and Zorro's Theresa Modesto.

Todd Stashwick
Star Trek:Picard's Captain Liam Shaw, 12 Monkey's Deacon, and Heroes's Eli.

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut
Star Trek:Picard's Ensign Sidney La Forge, Gotham's Officer Parks, and Homeland's Simone Bah.

JG Hertzler
Star Trek:Deep Space 9's Martok, Zorro (TV)'s Alcalde Ignacio de Soto, and Bioshock (video game) Dr. Grossman (voice).

Adele Simmons
First Assistant Director on Star Trek Voyager, Second Assistant Director on Star Trek: TNG

Guests will be announced as they are confirmed. All guest appearances are subject to professional commitments.

For more information on our actor guests' careers and the characters they've played, please consult the above links to their biographies, filmographies, and websites. All guest appearances are subject to cancellation due to professional commitments.

Photo Opportunities with our celebrity guests will be offered again this year. Visit the Photo Ops page for more details.

Please read the Autograph Policy for full details on the official autograph sessions and autograph line.