Masquerade Volunteer Information

We need you! The Shore Leave Masquerade is always looking for volunteers to help us with the following jobs:

Den Mommy
Den Mommies help out in the Green Room. They will be given a list of costumes/costumers in their "den" and are responsible for checking them in, making sure they have everything they need and will escort their den to the backstage area. If there is a problem with the costumer (who can't see, will need help getting on/off stage) or with the costume (it won't be able to go onstage on schedule) the Den Mommy will tell the Green Room Coordinator who will make sure the proper people know.
Backstage Brawn
Backstage Brawn help get costumers up on stage. Usually, this means helping with crowd control backstage and fetching things left onstage after a presentation. It can also mean physically helping awkward costumes up the steps, or putting up the access ramp. Backstage helpers may also be asked to run small items like wallets and glasses around to the catchers.
Backstage Brawn should wear black or dark colors.
Catchers line the edge of the stage and stairs. The ones at the edge of the stairs help costumers down offstage. The ones along the edge make sure that the costumers do not fall offstage.
Catchers should wear black or dark colors.
Runners escort costumers from the edge of the stage to the doors to the auditorium. A second set of runners will escort the costumers to the photo area.
Runners inside the auditorium should wear black or dark colors. Runners outside the auditorium can wear any color.

To become a volunteer, please sign up at the Masquerade Registration Table in the hotel lobby on Saturday between 10:00am and 3:30pm or before the convention, contact our Masquerade Director. (For other jobs at the convention, please check out our other Volunteer opportunities.)

Duties will be assigned at the technical meeting in the Green Room at 5:30pm. Working the Masquerade will take approximately 5 to 7 hours, depending on the job and the size of the show.