Masquerade In-Person Signup:

  1. Come to the Masquerade Registration table in the hotel lobby between 10am and 3:30pm on Saturday.
  2. Pick up a registration form. Forms can be filled out at the table or taken away. If you take the form away, it must be brought back to the Masquerade Registration table by 3:30!
  3. Fill out only the top part of the form. Stop at the line that says WALK ON IN LIGHT Tech PRESET IN BLACK. Do not write on that line or below.
  4. Bring the form and any other material you have (references for ReCreations, a CD or tape, etc) back to the Masquerade Registration table by 3:30. See note below about materials turned in.
  5. Tell the tech staff member at the table exactly what you plan to do. The staff member will help you fill out the technical portion so that the cues are correct and the lighting is the most flattering for your costume.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ or Contact the Masquerade Director.