General Volunteering

Through the years, Shore Leave conventions have been fortunate to have had great support from our fellow fans, and we wish to thank you for your past service. Once again, it is time to be part of the action!

Just like Starfleet, Shore Leave is looking for a few good sentients. Con helpers are needed for Security, Volunteer Forces (general help), Registration, Art Show, and Charities. Individuals must be reliable and possess the necessary skills to communicate with all life forms, regardless of origin. A wide range of duties are required and can be tailored to meet one's talents. If you like being "behind the scenes," please check the appropriate space on the pre-registration form.

A few details about volunteering for the Volunteer Forces:

Areas that we typically need help with are:

Volunteer tasks are not difficult. Much of it involves performing simple tasks and observing one's surroundings. For instance, in the autograph lines, volunteers would be checking badges or going through the convention area with a badge number sign, notifying attendees of the badge number series that is currently eligible for autographs. We hope that you can join us in making this year's Shore Leave one of the best conventions ever. We hope to see you in July.

For any questions regarding the Volunteer Forces, please contact your Volunteer Forces Committee Chair: Stephen Cole.