Vendor Information & Rules

Within the Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center, Shore Leave will have a large dealers room where all Vendors and Fan Tables can co-exist. Requests for specific table locations, including wall spaces, are accepted and we make every effort to accommodate such requests. All Vendors will be treated equally. Vendor tables are “First-Paid, First-Placed.” Early registrants have the best chance for their requests to be granted; however, Shore Leave makes NO GUARANTEE to any Vendor on the space they will receive in the Vendor Room areas. A room diagram is available upon request to the vendors room coordinator. The rooms are locked each night by the coordinator and Shore Leave provides overnight security free of charge to the Vendors

  1. Shore Leave will forward Vendors’ information to the State of Pennsylvania for reporting taxes. Pennsylvania will send you a temporary form for reporting the collection and remittance of taxes and it is each Vendor’s responsibility for the completion and submission of this form.
  2. Each Vendor Space area will be six feet long x six feet wide and twelve feet high and includes One 6 ft x 30-inch table, Two chairs per table, two weekend meeting memberships for the first table and one for each additional table. In addition, we will provide one hyperlink to your website at Vendors must provide their own tablecloths, and table skirts for all table(s),
  3. Shore Leave’s autograph policy states that two actor guests will each sign one item for no additional charge during the Official Autograph Sessions on Saturday and Sunday on any item that you provide. This is subject to on-site agreement with the guests for vendors is as follows:

    Vendors may report to the waiting area of the autograph line when the number range for their badge is announced. They will be fed into the line when their number range reaches the front of the line. Please note that this can still take some time, so the following options are recommended:

    • Have a trusted individual wait in line with any vendor badges and items to be signed.
    • Arrive near the end of the autograph session.
    • Wait until Sunday when the autograph session is smaller.
  4. Vendors may begin setting up their displays on Friday at 8:00 am. After unloading merchandise, you must promptly move your vehicles from the loading areas.
  5. Vendors Room operating hours are 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm Friday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Saturday, and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday. The Vendors’ Rooms will be secured at the end of each business day, and overnight security arranged by Shore Leave will be provided on Friday and Saturday nights. Vendors are required to stay set up on Sunday until 3:00 pm. Let us give the members as much time to shop as possible.
  6. All Vendors must remain inside the lines of their booths. The aisles must remain completely clear. This will be strictly enforced. Banners and displays should not protrude from your space or exceed a height of twelve feet.
  7. Electricity is available with all tables. We recommend that you bring extension cords and other supplies to connect to the available outlets and secure the connections safely to avoid hazards such as tripping on a loose cord. Anyone plugging in any power device, including cords, strips, and ups, is subject to a safety inspection by the Shore Leave Vendor Committee. If a device is found to be unsafe, it will be required to be unplugged immediately, or not plugged in at all.
  8. Individual Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to make any changes to the room setup, including swapping tables, without express permission from the Shore Leave Vendors Room Coordinator. Violation of this rule may result in the Vendor being asked to leave the premises immediately.
  9. If a Vendor wishes to sublet a portion of their table space or share their table space with another Vendor, they must inform the Shore Leave Vendors Room Coordinator of this circumstance. Table sharing is NOT ALLOWED without permission. Violation of this rule may result in the Vendor being asked to leave the premises immediately.
  10. Shore Leave supports the best of creators and artists. As such, counterfeit items, bootlegs, knockoffs, or other pirated items are not welcome at our event. Shore Leave does not condone the sale of unlicensed products. We would like to remind photo vendors that Creation Entertainment holds licenses for photos from many science-fiction genres shows and movies. Please keep this in mind when ordering photos to sell at Shore Leave.
  11. Content must be controlled as the rating in the Vendors’ Room is PG-13. Shore Leave reserves the right to ask a Vendor to remove any items from their table should Shore Leave receive complaints from the Annual Meeting members.
  12. All devices producing sounds, such as video or CD players, will be required to be kept at a reasonable noise level, low-medium or less. The Shore Leave Vendor Committee will be regularly checking for all vendors, guests, and fan groups to maintain that level, and remind anyone of that at any time if they are playing anything too loud.
  13. Prohibited items – There is to be no live merchandise sold in the Vendor Room. Powerful scents are not permitted. Hotel policy prohibits the selling of any food or beverages in the Vendors’ areas without prior approval.
  14. Any Vendor selling weapons, or more specifically weapons props for costumers, must also strictly supervise and control access to minors and control security on these items. Security will be going through the Vendors’ Room on occasion and there will be access control at the doors, but it is the responsibility of Vendors selling these items to secure and control them before purchasing by patrons. Also, if a purchasing member asks about the use of such items during the Annual Meeting, please direct them to Shore Leave’s rules which govern the wear and display of such items by members. Sword and blade items must be peace bonded and all weapons and props are subject to a safety check by Security at any time during Shore Leave and more specifically in the Meeting areas.
  15. If a problem occurs within the Vendors’ Areas, contact the Vendors’ Coordinator or Security. Do not try to intervene. If necessary, Security or the Vendors’ Coordinator will involve the Annual Meeting Co-Chairs to help resolve the matter.
  16. Shore Leave goes on regardless of weather conditions. Like any public exhibition, this means that memberships (including Vendor memberships) are not refundable. However, if you feel that weather conditions preclude your safe travel to Shore Leave, please contact our Vendors’ Room Coordinator as soon as possible. If we can re-sell your table(s) before the Meeting, then your money can be refunded.
  17. Shore Leave is in a hotel that does not allow pets. The Hotel only allows pets if they are certified ADA Service Animals. Please see our “Service Animals and Pet Policy” for further details.
  18. Program book ads are available. Anyone interested in placing an ad in the Shore Leave Program Book should contact the program book committee.
  19. Violation of any of these rules may result in loss of merchant privileges. No refund will be issued.
  20. Shore Leave cannot guarantee customers or sales, nor does Shore Leave grant any terms of exclusivity or other licensing agreement to Vendors, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Vendor contract.