Convention Policies

Convention Rules

  • Convention Areas consist of all the downstairs rooms on the Conference Level, the Lincoln Theater, and the Exhibit Hall off of the main lobby.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any convention area. The only exception to this is where the hotel officially provides alcohol.
  • No unsheathed swords or knives, uncapped prop, paintball, airsoft, or splatter guns, laser tag, or similar articles will be allowed. Laser pointers are not allowed in convention areas (with the exception of those used by speakers) as they may cause eye injury.
  • Our hotel is smoke-free; smoking is not allowed in any part of the hotel buildings.
  • Damage to the hotel or convention property is the financial responsibility of the perpetrator. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for damages done by minors.
  • Badges must be worn within the convention areas at all times.
  • Interference with Shore Leave Security or with convention radio communications will not be permitted.
  • The Hotel does not allow pets in the sleeping rooms, and the Convention does not allow them in the convention areas. Please see our “Service Animals and Pet Policy” for further details.
  • Any disruption in the Convention Areas, as well as any violations of the Convention rules, will result in immediate expulsion from the Convention. Refunds will not be given.
  • Practice the principles of IDIC, The Golden Rule, common sense, and have a good time!!
  • Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation.


Seat saving will not be allowed in the main room. If the room becomes full, five (5) minutes before each speaker starts, all empty seats will be declared free. Convention Security will assign empty seats.

Personal Conduct

Shore Leave is to be enjoyed by all people present, including attending fans, guests, and staff. In order for everyone to comfortably participate in the activities in a somewhat crowded environment, we all need to agree to respect each other, our personal spaces, differing opinions, and to share responsibility for everyone’s personal, physical, and emotional comfort and safety. We expect courtesy and cooperation from everyone in this regard. If anyone feels they cannot resolve an uncomfortable situation on their own, please do not hesitate to seek out a member of our committee for assistance. If you feel that your or someone else’s safety is at risk, please contact Shore Leave security, hotel security, or local law enforcement. If, in the opinion of the con chairs, an episode of harassment has occurred, the person committing the offense will have their badge confiscated and will be asked to leave the convention without compensation.


When Ten-Forward closes, the room is closed. This is so that we can get the room set up for programming to begin on time Sunday.

For your safety, dancing is not allowed on the stage. By state law, outside alcohol is not permitted, and violators will be asked to leave Ten-Forward.

Video Recording

Electronic recording of any kind (video, cell phone, etc.) is not allowed in the main guest presentations.

Photo Opportunities

All Photo Op sessions will take place beginning at 11:00 am on Saturday in Vistas Café on the main (lobby) level of the hotel. Please check the Pocket Program or signs for the exact times of each session. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED PHOTO OPS, so plan accordingly! 

You should arrive NO EARLIER than 5 minutes before each scheduled session. If you arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled session, you may be asked to vacate the area. Guests who have registered with Accessibility Services will be accommodated first. There will be a sign posted outside of the Photo Ops area telling you where to pick up your photos; allow at least one (1) hour from the time of your photo op for the photo to be printed. If you did not pre-purchase a Photo Op ticket, they MAY be available for purchase at the con.

Personal Presentations

Personal presentations while guests are on the stage are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, giving presents, and asking for hugs, kisses, handshakes, or photographs with the guests.


Our Complimentary Autograph guests will each sign one item for no additional charge during the Official Autograph Sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

One autograph is permitted, per guest, per membership badge, per day, during the official autograph sessions on any item that you provide. This is subject to on-site agreement with the guests. Please note: the program book will count as your one free item during the official autograph sessions; it is not in addition to your one free signature. Signing the program book outside of the official autograph sessions, free of charge, will be at the discretion of the guest. Please be sure to inquire about the charge before obtaining the signature.

The official autograph sessions line will be formed as badge numbers are announced. The lowest numbers are called and form the line first; anyone may enter the line anytime after their badge number is called, but they will not be bumped in front of higher numbers that have been called. We do not line up in strict numerical order but by number range. Numbers will be announced in all convention areas of the hotel, so please do not linger in the area while awaiting your number – go enjoy the con!

Lone individuals who have registered with Accessibility Services may report to the waiting area of the autograph line when the number range for their badge is announced. They will be fed into the line when their number range reaches the front of the line. Individuals who have registered with Accessibility Services that are with a companion or a group may report to the waiting area when the companion or the remainder of the group enters the autograph line. The individual will be allowed to join the companion or group when they reach the waiting area.

Groups with badge numbers in different number ranges who wish to enter the line together must wait until the number range of the highest badge number within their group is called.

Dealers may report to the waiting area of the autograph line when the number range for their badge is announced. They will be fed into the line when their number range reaches the front of the line. Please note that this can still take some time, so the following options are recommended:

  • Have a trusted individual wait in line with any dealer badges and items to be signed.
  • Arrive near the end of the autograph session.
  • Wait until Sunday when the autograph session is generally smaller.

Any other feed-ins are handled on a case-by-case basis.

It is not permitted to present wrapped gifts to the celebrity guests in the autograph line due to security reasons. Unwrapped gifts are permitted. Please keep in mind that most, if not all, of the guests travel by air and are constrained by baggage size and weight limitations.

Service Animals and Pets

While the Shore Leave staff loves animals, the hotel does not allow pets on the premises other than Service Animals.

Service animals as defined by the ADA and Pennsylvania state laws are permitted. Please keep in mind that as per the ADA, any service animal that is out of control, not potty trained, or aggressive can and will be removed for the safety of all participants at the discretion of Security and Accessibility services. If possible, Shore Leave will find other means of accommodation.

Emotional support or companion animals are not service animals under the ADA, and as such cannot be permitted. A service animal is an animal that is task-trained to assist its disabled handler.

Be prepared to answer the two questions as allowed by law.
Is this a service animal?
What service does it provide?

We cannot and will not ask you questions about your disability or about how any of the awesome things your partner has been trained to do to assist you are accomplished.

The ADA allows for service animals of all sizes, but please be aware that tripping over and stepping on your dog is a concern and pick your seating accordingly. Should you need extra room, disability seating is available to you.

If your seating needs are not met by the available seating, please see Accessibility Services so we can attempt to accommodate you.

Disabled individuals who require accommodation under the ADA, including the admittance of service animals, are asked to check in with Accessibility Services for the appropriate badge ribbons.

If you feel you are being discriminated against, targeted, or are being harassed, please see Security or Accessibility Services.

No off-duty/ vest break space is provided on the conference floor. But there are green spaces around the hotel. If you use these areas, please clean up after your animal.

For more information on service animal laws, please see