Security Volunteers

Shore Leave Security is always looking for good people. Our primary function is to ensure that all of our guests at Shore Leave have a safe and enjoyable experience. To this end we are seeking out mature volunteers with great people skills. Volunteers will be required to work TEN (10) hours in order to receive a refund of this year's membership, and be invited back to work Security next year.

A few of the more important criteria for selection are listed below:

  1. From our point of view, maturity is a matter of attitude, not age, so anyone over 18 is more than welcome to apply.
  2. While many of our positions require a fair amount of mobility, some are more sedentary in nature. So if interested, and in doubt, please feel free to inquire.
  3. All volunteers will be required to work at least half of their required ten hours on Saturday.
    1. New volunteers must work half of their required hours between 12:00 and 6:00pm
    2. Returning volunteers must work half of their required hours either Saturday afternoon or evening.
  4. Volunteer selection does not require security, police or self defense training. (These will only be considered to the extent that the applicant demonstrates a working knowledge of dealing with the public in a professional and courteous manner.)

If interested please contact Head of Security, Will Becker.