Stargazing Workshop

Weather permitting, the stargazers will meet on the tennis court. Preregistration is not required, but there are a few hints and rules to observe. First, please do not bring small children (under 6 years of age). Older children are welcome, but we ask that parents be present to supervise them. The event will be held on the tennis court Friday and Saturday night between 9PM and 11PM.
If you want to bring a flashlight to look at the charts, please make sure that it either has a red filter (army flashlight) or tape some red plastic to the front, as bright light will ruin everyone’s night vision.

Sungazing Too!

In addition to the usual stargazing at night, we will also have sungazing during the day. Solar telescopes will be set up for safe Sun viewing out on the terrace outside the Paradise Room Friday and Saturday from 10am until 5pm. Please bring your own sunshade (hat, umbrella, parasol, and don’t forget to apply sun screen), as it is hot in July.

Shore Leave stargazing and sungazing are brought to you by the Westminster Astronomical Society, the Harford County Astronomical Society, and the Howard County Astronomical League. These are local amateur astronomy groups promoting astronomy education and outreach in the community.

For any questions regarding Stargazing or any of our science programming please contact our Science Programming Chair, Inge Heyer.