Filk Events

Filk, the music of the science fiction, fantasy and related genres, is part of the Shore Leave experience.

Filk Concert

On Friday night in Salon A, filkers perform in designated time slots, giving mini-concerts of their songs. Come and listen and maybe sing along to songs about sf, fantasy, tv shows, or anything our filkers come up with. If you are interested in performing a filk or two (or three or four), please contact Filk Chair Melissa James for a performance slot.


Chaos Filk

Chaos filk is a time for filkers to get together and share their songs in no strict order. At Shore Leave, chaos filk occurs late night Friday and Saturday. Everyone is welcome to come and participate. Check the Pocket Program for time and place.

The Boogie Knights

Appearing every year since Shore Leave 4, The Boogie Knights are Shore Leave’s filkers-in-residence. Look forward to a concert filled with their unique blend of music and merriment.