Masquerade Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what category my costume fits into?

Talk to the people at the registration desk. They will help you find the right category.

Hey! Someone changed my category!

The Masquerade Director reserves the right to shift a costumer's category. Usually this will only happen if there is only one entry in that category in competition, or if there is a question of whether the contestant belongs in Champions. Category changes, if any, will be made between the end of registration and the opening of the Green Room.

Can I sign up in advance even if I don't know what category I'm in yet?

Yes, you can. Send an email with the rest of the information requested for the advance registration, and the question of your category can be settled when you arrive at the sign-up table to sign the release and discuss your technical cues.

Can I sign up in advance even if I don't know what costume I'm doing yet?

No. The purpose of signing up in advance is to get a head start on the paperwork. If there's nothing to fill out, there's no head start.

What if I sign up in advance and then change my mind and want to do a different costume?

Before the convention, send the Masquerade Director an email telling him of the change and giving him the information for the new costume. Changes made 5 days or less before the convention should be handled in person - just tell the people at the sign-up desk to drop your old information and register the new costume as usual. There is no penalty for changing your mind!

I've got a large group. Can I get a release form in advance so we don't have to chase everyone down at the con?

Right now that's not possible because the release requests your badge number as well as your signature, and nobody knows what the number is before you register at Shore Leave. Entrants must be members of Shore Leave to compete.

I can't make it to the sign-up table. Can I sign up totally in advance, or later at the convention, like in the Green Room?

No. The releases, documentation/music dropoff, and the technical cues have to be done in-person. The registration table is open for almost six hours (from 10am to 3:30pm on Saturday). It only takes a few minutes to sign up, so you should be able to do it between panels or between guest star speeches. Once the table is shut down, the entry database closes and the Masquerade Director starts printing off all the forms for Green Room, Judging, and the MC. While last-minute changes can be made to a costume that is already entered, no new costumes can enter the system.

Where do I pick up my documentation, music, or other stuff?

All documentation, music,, etc. will be available at the post-Masquerade discussion on Sunday morning (check the schedule for time and location.)

Where do I pick up certificates?

All award certificates will be emailed to you.

For other questions, please contact Masquerade Director Thomas Atkinson.