Shore Leave Event Information

Be sure to also check out this year's list of workshops and our science track.

SciFi Diner Podcast

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite podcast? M Sieiro Garcia, Scott Hetrzog, and Miles McLoughlin are the hosts of the weekly SciFi Diner Podcast. Come out and learn how they've got to where they are (more than six years!), how do they decide what they're going to talk about from one week to the next, and what's coming up next?

TARDIS Photo Booth

Ever want to see the sights of the universe? Make all of Time and Space your backyard and come back with the photos to prove it, all courtesy of The TARDIS Photo Booth. (NOTE: When visiting ancient Pompeii, be sure to set your alarm early on Volcano Day. Do not step on the butterfly.)

Name That Episode

Join original ST:TOS fan (since September 8, 1966!) Barbara Scott for a retro-game of Name That (TOS) Episode. Barbara has 35mm slides from Lincoln Enterprises, some of which are never seen out-takes, and prizes are from her long-time fan collection. Additional prizes are from her NASA/Hubble Space Telescope collection.

The Shore Leave Amusement Arcade

Play all the games you enjoy at an amusement park…only in smaller versions! Games of skill and games of chance: skee ball, pinball, air hockey, horse racing, target games, and so much more! Earn tickets for prizes! Visit Zoltar, the fortune teller! Spin the wheel for more tickets. What will you find in the riddle box or behind the mystery doors? So much fun in one room in one hour-you won't believe it! And best of all- it's free for fans of all ages!

Bunny Masquerade

Bunny in a hula outfit Bunny in a red dress Everybody likes to get dressed up, your Shore Leave Bunny is no exception! The Shore Leave Bunny masquerade will take place again this year at the Shore Leave Information table. Bring your bunny from previous years or buy a new one and make a costume for them.

And don't forget Saturday evening's Masquerade for Humans who like to get dressed up.

Afternoon Tea

Join us on Friday for an assortment of black and herbal teas, scones, tea cookies and finger sandwiches, as well as some other surprises! Attendance is limited and will cost $20.00.

You may Register online or by mail.

Fannish Flea Market

A Fan-Fashioned Flea market for your fannish needs. Buy and sell leftover costuming materials, craft supplies and other fannish things.

The Fannish Flea Market will take place on Sunday, August 9 from 4-6 pm in Tack (the game room). Space is first come, first served, a $5 per space contribution to the Shore Leave charity fund is required. For more information, please contact the Flea Market Empress.

Temple of Trek

Returning for their 30th year, join Dr. Trekwell and The Temple of Trek Choir Sunday morning for an old fashion fannish REVIVAL. Hymns, readings from "The Book of Roddenberry" and other fun are sure to dispel the DEMON of 10 Forward and get you going for the rest of the con. The Temple will also raise money for charity.

The goal of the temple is to serve fandom and save them from a MUNDANE existence. By attending, you'll have fun and be able to say. "Yes Mom, l went to services." PRAISE TREK!!

Meet the Pros Party

Our annual Meet the Pros author meet-and-greet takes place at 10pm on Friday, August 7. This year's event features book premieres from the worlds of Stargate, Star Trek, The Crimson Keep and beyond.


Ten Forward is our Saturday evening dance, taking place immediately after the Masquerade. Join us as we dance the night away.


As part of our Filk programming, Shore Leave includes both a Filk Concert and Chaos Filk event.

Game Room

The Shore Leave Game Room offers role playing games, Collector Card Games , miniature war games, and "Clicky Base" Games. The game room opens Friday at noon, Saturday and Sunday at 9 AM, and closes when the staff is too tired to stay awake. Come spend some time with us! If you would like further information, please email the Gaming Room Chair, Joe Dorffner.