Shore Leave 39 Guest: Susan Olesen

Susan Olesen

2016 is a whirlwind year for Susan Olesen. With one child graduated in January, another in college, a grandchild due in May, and nearing the end of the process for adopting twin boys because she has so little to fill her time, she also managed to be editor and layout designer for Folktales of Northern Lithuania, a non-fiction book that was published in December of 2015.  To top that off, she is thrilled to announce the first book in a new series: Prisoner of the Mind, is premiering at Shore Leave. Prisoner is the fantasy tale of Aila Perrin, a 14 year old girl who is kidnapped by mistake in the midst of hostilities between her Planetary Union and their arch-enemy, the Kerasi Coalition. But as Aila is drawn deeper into the Kerasi's plot, Aila's not quite sure who the enemy is anymore. How far can loyalty stretch in the face of truth, and who determines what is truth? Join Aila in her fight in Prisoner of the Mind.


When not working on her next sequel, Susan spends her time cataloging at her local library, tending a four-year-old geranium, and chasing after her neighborhood's two albino squirrels. If it's hungry or homeless, it will find her.


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