Shore Leave 43 Guest: Susan Olesen

Susan Olesen

Susan Staneslow Olesen is an exhausted novelist and blogger for the Cheshire Public Library, where she also runs a writer's group. A graduate of Wells College and The Chase Collegiate School, she has been a fruit picker, dial press operator, special education teacher, crisis intervention specialist, Disc Media Wizard, Library Tech Assistant, fostered 50 kittens, and is a 30+-year foster parent to five children plus three of her own. She runs in circles and tears her hair out with her husband in Connecticut.


With more than ten novels and two anthologies of short stories to her name, Bitter Truths is her most recent novel, the conclusion of the Prisoner of the Mind series. Her short story "The Ditzy Princess" appears in the anthology The Fans Are Buried. Her short stories "She Wore Red" and "Turning Tides" will be published later this year in the Writer's Unite Press anthology, Dimensions of Love. Follow her at camp Chaos Chronicles at, Susan Olesen Author Page on Facebook, or at

Books by Susan Olesen:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-173245-774-4 Crazy 8 Press
978-098907-497-1 Laughing Rabbit Productions
978-098907-495-7 Laughing Rabbit Productions
978-098907-499-5 Laughing Rabbit Productions
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