Shore Leave 42 Guest: Susan Olesen

Susan Olesen

Susan Staneslow Olesen began publishing her own magazine at the age of fifteen and hasn't stopped writing since. She is the author of more than nine novels, including the Best Intentions series and the Prisoner of the Mind series, which will conclude this year in the final volume, Bitter Truths, as well as two anthology collections, numerous short stories, and an inexplicably viral blogpost on MP3 players (go ahead, Google What is an MP3 Player!). Her tie-in short story anthology to Prisoner of the Mind, Kerasi Foundations, will debut at Shore Leave.

Susan also works part-time at her public library where she proctors/teaches a free writing program once a month. In her free time (ha!) she runs the Half-Ass Quilting Company, sewing general or custom quilts when she wants to avoid writing. She has three children, four foster children, and is currently raising her granddaughter, four cats, and the most adorable Chiweenie named Dante. Follow her on Facebook at Susan Olesen Author Page, or at

Books by Susan Olesen:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-098907-495-7 Laughing Rabbit Productions
978-098907-499-5 Laughing Rabbit Productions
0-98907-493-5 Laughing Rabbit Productions
0-98907-490-0 Laughing Rabbit Productions
0-61566-734-1 Laughing Rabbit Productions
0-61556-937-4 Laughing Rabbit Productions
0-61546-038-0 Laughing Rabbit Productions