Shore Leave 43 Guest: Roberta Rogow

Roberta Rogow

Roberta Rogow writes historical mysteries, although she sometimes twists the history. Her most recent series, The Saga of Halvar the Hireling, is set in a re-imagined Manhattan, settled by Spanish Moors instead of Dutch traders. Roberta is also a noted singer and writer of Filk songs (science fiction oriented folk music). In her other life, she is a retired Children's Librarian who lives in New Jersey.

Books by Roberta Rogow:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
Eyes of Lorr 978-262272-391-5 Zumaya Otherworlds
978-161271-408-0 Zumaya Otherworlds
978-161271-386-1 Zumaya Otherworlds
978-099759-867-4 WC Publishing
Rec-Room Rhymes 2017 none (filk zine)
978-161271-344-1 Zumaya Otherworlds
978-161271-315-1 Zumaya Otherworlds
978-161271-285-7 Zumaya Otherworlds
978-161271-255-0 Zumaya Otherworlds
978-161271-217-8 Zumaya Otherworlds
The Vampire's Dilemma Deadly Ink Press
The Root of the Matter Deadly Ink Press
978-097874-427-4 Deadly Ink Press
1-92997-634-8 Top Publications
0-97665-460-1 Dybbuk Press
0-31226-638-3 St. Martin's Minotaur
0-31220-903-7 St. Martin's Minotaur
0-31220-570-8 St. Martin's Press
0-31218-553-7 St. Martin's Press