Shore Leave 39 Guest: Phil Giunta

Phil Giunta

A Pennsylvania resident, Phil Giunta graduated from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems back in the days when data was saved by chiseling it into stone. Phil continues to work in the IT industry, but honestly, he would love nothing more than to escape corporate America and open his own bait and tackle shop, or explore outer space in a starship, which might allow him to open a bait and tackle shop on another planet. At least he has a plan, but we digress...

His first novel, a paranormal mystery called Testing the Prisoner, was published in 2010 by Firebringer Press. His second novel in the same genre, By Your Side, was released in 2013. Phil also narrated the audio versions of both novels, available for free at

Phil's short stories appear in such anthologies as Beach Nights from Cat and Mouse Press, the ReDeus series from Crazy 8 Press, and the Middle of Eternity series, which he created and edited for Firebringer Press. His paranormal mystery novella, Like Mother, Like Daughters is slated for release in 2017.

Phil is a member of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group and served as chairman of their 2015 Write Stuff conference.

Listen to Phil's audio books at:


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