Shore Leave 43 Guest: Lorraine Anderson

Lorraine Anderson

Lorraine J. Anderson has been writing most of her life, She has been experimenting with many different kinds of fantastic fiction, including comic strips, Fantasy stories, Science Fiction stories, fictional newspaper columns, and Young Adult paranormal fiction. Her credits include the story "Hero" in STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS 8, and the comic strips "George and the Saint" and "Coffin Bones" with Hugo Award Nominee Fan Artist, Sherlock, in the print editions of Fandata's FANDOM DIRECTORY. She hopes to someday make fiction more than a hobby.

Visit her online at, on Facebook at, or follow her on Twitter @rainerja.

Books by Lorraine Anderson:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
979-871784-141-2 Create Space
Outside In Takes a Stab: 139 New Perspectives on 139 Buffy Episodes by 139 Writers 978-098822-107-9 ATB Publishing
978-098368-778-8 Crazy 8 Press
978-153720-484-0 CreateSpace
978-151170-482-3 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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978-149045-041-4 CreateSpace
978-189254-406-3 Crazy 8 Press
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1-41650-345-5 Pocket