Shore Leave 43 Guest: Laura H Ware

Laura H Ware

Laura Ware's first professional sale was her Star Trek: Voyager story "Adjustments" which appeared in Strange New Worlds 10. She continues to write in a variety of genres. Her novels include Dead Hypocrites, Redemption, and Two Weeks in Guyana. 


In addition to her fiction work, Laura is the author of Laura's Look, a column that has appeared in the Highlands News-Sun since 1998. She recently published a collection of her earliest columns in a volume called Laura's Look: 1998-2000.


Laura's short stories can be found in a number of Fiction River anthologies, including Past Crime (Special Kobo Edition), Last Stand, Editor's Choice, Reader's Choice, and Feel the Fear. Her novels include Dead Hypocrites, The Silent Witness, Redemption, and Two Weeks in Guyana. Her essay, "Touched by an Angel," was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Random Acts of Kindness in 2017. Laura lives in Central Florida.

Laura can be reached at Go to to sign up for her free newsletter and learn about upcoming titles.

Books by Laura H Ware:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
Aftermath 978-109979-030-0 Azure Avians
Outside In: Make It So 978-098822-104-8 ATB Publishing
978-153949-550-5 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
978-153362-715-5 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
978-069258-049-3 JJ Press
978-069229-804-6 JJ Press
978-148183-848-1 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
978-148100-311-7 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
978-148009-084-2 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
1-41654-438-0 Pocket Books