Shore Leave 44 Guest: Kathleen David

Kathleen David
Kathleen O'Shea David started working with puppets when she was 2, and over 40 years later she is still "wiggling dolls" for fun and profit. Along the way she picked up a few more skills and careers. She has done just about everything from cancer research to rock and roll. Some of her favorite jobs have been in puppetry, theater and publishing. With her husband Peter David, she adapted the first four issues of the Japanese Manga "Negima". She is the author of the short story "On a Pedestal" in the Big Finish anthology Doctor Who: Quality of Leadership. She is currently an associate editor for Time and Space magazine. Her costumes have won numerous awards for both presentation and workmanship. She is a book editor, the owner of No String Attached (Custom Puppets, Masks, and Dolls). Her puppets are in collections all over the world.

Books by Kathleen David:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-173245-774-4 Crazy 8 Press
978-173204-061-8 Crazy 8 Press
978-098368-778-8 Crazy 8 Press
978-193988-837-2 Crazy 8 Press
1-84435-269-2 Big Finish