Shore Leave 40 Guest: Diane Lee Baron

Diane Lee Baron

Diane Lee Baron is the author of Gal Wonder, her first novel, published in 2017 by FireBringer Press. This contemporary fictional novel tells the story of a kindergarten teacher who becomes obsessed with her memories of the 1966 television Batman show and how all her friends indulge her in her quest to meet Adam West. Diane is currently entering the realm of science fiction as she works on her alien invasion novel, When the Skies Fell. And in addition to the novel, Diane is currently writing and editing The Fandom Fifty: 50+ Fascinating People of the Maryland Science Fiction Conventions. This exciting new project will include interviews of committee members, author guests, artists, costumers, techies, superfans and more from the Farpoint and Shore Leave Conventions and will debut at Farpoint 2019. Diane teaches the visually impaired in Montgomery County and lives in Columbia, MD.

Books by Diane Lee Baron:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
Gal Wonder Firebringer Press