Shore Leave 40 Guest: Diane Lee Baron

Diane Lee Baron

Diane Lee Baron is the author of Gal Wonder, her first novel, published by FireBringer Press. In Gal Wonder, Diane tells the story of a woman who becomes obsessed with meeting her childhood icon, Adam West, who starred as the 1960s television Batman. While attempting to keep her personal life in order, chaos ensues as Sara Goode attends a con, sets a man's tie on fire and drives the Batmobile.  But not all at the same time, or in that order. Are some of the wacky scenes in Gal Wonder based on events from the author's own life? Maybe one... or two.

Diane currently resides in Columbia, Maryland. She is a teacher of visually impaired and blind students in Montgomery County Public Schools. Diane is single and content with her collection of Lego minifigures and Doc Martin dvds.  She's obsessed with swimming laps all summer in her complex's pool and has the gills to prove it.

Books by Diane Lee Baron:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
Gal Wonder Firebringer Press