Shore Leave 44 Guest: Christine Norris

Christine Norris

Once Upon a Time, Christine Norris thought she wanted to be an archaeologist. Or a Fairy Princess. Or a Broadway actress. Or maybe a firefighter. Some of those things she did, and some she did not. She never did become an archaeologist, because she hates sand and bugs, but loves old things and mythological creatures. So she did the only logical things, after doing many other things, and became a writer. She has written several generally well-received books for young adults, like The Library of Athena series (soon to be republished!), A Curse of Ash and Iron, and a few short stories in books like Gaslight and Grimm, Grimm Machinations, and Other Aether.

And in order to pay the bills and live in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed, she is a school librarian in New Jersey. She may or may not have a secret library in her basement, but if she does, she cannot tell you.

Books by Christine Norris:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-195646-333-0 Espec Books
978-195646-325-5 Espec Books
978-195646-329-3 Paper Phoenix Press
978-194299-031-4 Espec Books
978-161603-042-1 Leap Books
978-161271-220-8 Zumaya Thresholds