Meet the Pros

As always on Friday night at 10pm we will have a gathering of our writer, artist, and science guests in the rear of the long hallway in front of the ballroom. Please come to meet these guests, chat, and get a few books signed.

Meet the Prose

Our bookseller is Larry Smith Bookseller (Sally Kobee, proprietor). She is from Ohio, and she has been the main bookseller at many literary science fiction conventions, including all the domestic Worldcons. Local area fans will know her from Balticon and Discon 3. She will carry our authors’ books (and many more besides).

Book Premieres

Books premiering at Shore Leave 43 are

Sherlock Holmes: Cases by Candlelight Vol.2

with Christopher D. Abbott, Michael Jan Friedman, Aaron Rosenberg, and Keith R.A. DeCandido

A pea-souper descending over London brings with it many villainous activities hidden deep within those thickly yellow-hazed streets, and for Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend Dr. John Watson, it often provides cases to test the detective’s intellectual prowess and his affinity for the unusual and bizarre.

Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls who Engineer and Explore

with Mary Fan and Rigel Ailur

28 all-new sci-fi tales about girls in STEM. Proceeds from sales will be donated to the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund.

Double Trouble: An Anthology of Two-Fisted Team-Ups

with Keith R.A. DeCandido, Greg Cox, David Mack, Dayton Ward, Rigel Ailur, Derek Tyler Attico, and Ben Rome.

The popular-culture storytelling landscape is filled with team-ups. Now, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers (IAMTW) presents a new anthology that takes a whole bunch of classic characters and pairs them up! Want to see Miguel de Cervantes’s Don Quixote paired with William Shakespeare’s Prospero? Dracula in a story with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and John Henry? Jane Austen’s Lydia Bennet meeting John Polidori’s Lord Ruthven? The immortal Ayesha coming across the goddess Egungun-oya? Abraham Van Helsing encountering the Medusa and Athena?

Heart of the Matter

by Susan Olesen

Loki’s Book of Magic Mischief: Tricks and Deceptions from the Prince of Illusions

by Robb Pearlman

Everyone loves magic! Especially Marvel Comics’ Loki, who’s mastery of magic makes him one of the most dangerous—and beloved—antiheroes in all of The Nine Realms. And now, for the first time ever, Loki shares the secrets behind performing 35 tricks!

Tempest, Book Five of the Sorcery & Steel series

by Rigel Ailur and Laura Ware

Hana and Kele need all their resources—including all their skills, intelligence, and magic—to save refugees from cataclysmic weather. Adding to their problems, some of these refugees who sought out their help are so opposed to magic that they’d rather kill them than accept it. Along with the other three pendant-holders, the Paladin and her wizard sister cross a vast storm-ridden ocean to help the refugees return home. There, they find themselves in a battle with nature itself to help save not just one city, but two.

When the Stars Fell

by Diane Baron

Hard-boiled and Loaded with Sin (anthology)

with Phil Giunta

Hard-boiled and Loaded with Sin (a noir anthology) features 18 hard-hitting tales by today’s top indie writers. Edited and featuring an introduction by Dianne Pearce.