Shore Leave 38: Guests

Karen Gillan
Appearing Saturday Only! Doctor Who's Amy Pond; Guardians of the Galaxy's Nebula; and Selfie's Eliza Dooley

John Noble
Fringe's Dr Walter Bishop; Elementary's Morland Holmes; LOTR: The Return of the King's Denethor; Sleepy Hollow's Henry Parrish; Stargate SG1's Meurik; 24's Anatoly Markov; Dark Matters: Twisted But True's Host

Anthony Montgomery
Enterprise's Ensign Travis Mayweather; General Hospital's Andrew Maddox; and Popular's George Austin.

Zoie Palmer
Dark Matter's Android; Lost Girl's Dr. Lauren Lewis; Patch Town's Bethany

Anthony Lemke
Dark Matter's Three; Lost Girl's Ryan Lambert; The Good Witch's Ryan Elliott; The Listener's Brian Becker; White House Down's Capt Hutton; Witches of East End's Harrison Welles

Robbie Amell
The Flash's Ronnie Raymond / Firestorm; The Tomorrow People's Stephen Jameson; The X-Files Agent Miller; Scooby Doo!'s Fred; True Jackson, VP's Jimmy Madigan

Barbara Bouchet
Star Trek: TOS's Kelinda; Casino Royale (67)'s Moneypenny; The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s Narcissus Darling; Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea's Tippy Penfield

Michael Forest
Star Trek & Star Trek Continues' Apollo; Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue's Olympus; Street Fight II:V's Captain Dorai; King Kong Lives' Vance

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