Shore Leave 37: Guests

John Barrowman
Arrow's Malcolm Merlyn; Torchwood and Doctor Who's Captain Jack Harkness

Jaime Murray
Defiance's Stahma Tarr; Warehouse 13's H.G. Wells; and Dexter's Lila Tournay

Tony Curran
Defiance's Datak Tarr; Doctor Who's Vincent van Gogh; and Sons of Anarchy's Gaines

Jesse Rath
Defiance's Alak Tarr; Being Human's Robbie Malik; and Aaron Stone's Ram

Rekha Sharma
Battlestar Galactica's Tory Foster; The 100's Dr Tsing; V's Sarita Malik; Smallville's Dr. Harden; and Dark Angel's Dr Shankar

David Nykl
Stargate Atlantis' Dr Radek Zelenka; Arrow's Anatoly Knyazev; and Supernatural's Lester Morris

Daniel Davis
ST:TNG's Professor Moriarty; and The Nanny's Niles

Roger R. Cross
Dark Matter's Six, Arrow 's Det. Lucas Hilton; Continuum's Travis Verta; 24's Curtis Manning; Stargate SG1's Conner; and Eureka's Major William Shaw

For more information on our actor guests' careers and the characters they've played, please consult the above links to their biographies, filmographies, and websites. All guest appearances are subject to cancellation due to professional commitments.

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