Rabbit Tracks

Hello, fellow fans, and welcome to Shore Leave 41.6: The Director’s Edition!

While it is disappointing that we still can’t get together in person at our beloved Hunt Valley Inn, we need to be responsible and consider all our fellow fans and their families who are more at risk than we may be. This gives us even more to look forward to in 2022 when we will see each other again in person.

That said, we do have a fun weekend lined up for you in our virtual environment. For those of you who attended Farpoint and/or Balticon this year, this will be a familiar setting. We will use Gathertown and Discord in connection with Zoom to bring you two full days of programming. Same as last year, joining this convention is free. Instructions on how to join are on our website.

Our programming will include actor Q&A, author and fan panels, science presentations, a filk concert, and much more. You can also purchase autographs and 2-minute one-on-one chats with our actor guests. We have over 40 authors and a dozen scientists talking about the latest books and scientific discoveries. Check the website for information on our guests. The program schedule will be posted ahead of the convention on our website.

And don’t forget to check out the tables of our vendors, publishers, fan groups, and local conventions in the virtual Maryland ballroom on Gathertown.

There will be stories written about this time when a plague went around the world. But in order for these to be written, we need to stay healthy, stay safe, stay home, and wear our masks where needed. We look forward to seeing you the weekend of July 10 and 11, 2021, virtually, and back in person in July of 2022.