Shore Leave 41 Photo Op Registration

(All prices are per print.)

Note: If you registered for photo ops with either Melissa O'Neil or Alex Mallari Jr., please contact the registration team and let them know if you would like to apply the price of that photo op against a different one, or to request a refund.

Photo Op with William Shatner ($80)
Photo Op with Ming-Na Wen ($65)
Photo Op with Shawn Ashmore ($45)
Photo Op with Allison Scagliotti ($45)
Photo Op with Peter Williams ($45)
Photo Op with Peter Kelamis ($45)
Photo Op with Chase Masterson ($45)
Photo Op with Aron Eisenberg ($45)
Eureka Combo Combo with Ming-Na Wen & Allison Scagliotti ($90)
Stargate Universe Combo with Ming-Na Wen and Peter Kelamis ($90)
Smallville Combo with Shawn Ashmore & Allison Scagliotti ($70)
Deep Space Nine Combo with Chase Masterson and Aron Eisenberg ($70)