Science Programming

We will welcome representatives from the Space Telescope Science Institute, Goddard Space Flight Center, Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers, and the Johns Hopkins and Loyola Universities. They will show you astronomical discoveries, talk about ongoing cutting-edge space science activities, and discuss issues about science education. Please join us for news from the final frontier.

Our science guests this year are:

Musical James Webb Space Telescope Lecture

As many Shore Leave attendees know, musical performing group The Chromatics is composed entirely of working space scientists. This year, in addition to a Friday-afternoon concert, the group will also be presenting a musical science lecture on the James Webb Space Telescope.

No, that's not a typo, the presentation will be uniquely set to music! The Chromatics did a similar presentation last year at the DC WorldCon and we're assured that the result is not to be missed.


As always, weather permitting, Stargazing will take place on Friday and Saturday evenings on the tennis courts.

As always, and weather permitting the stargazers will meet in the grassy area between the hotel's exits D and E (the former location of the hotel's tennis courts). On Friday and Saturday nights we will observe various celestial objects (planets, stars, star clusters, the one and a half galaxies we can see from Baltimore...). No preregistration is required, but there are a few hints and rules to observe. First, please do not bring small children (under 6 years of age) or pets. Older children are welcome, but we ask that parents be present to supervise them.

See the stargazing page for more information.

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