Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000 - Series Finale

Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, and Peter David skewering classic Star Trek.

For twenty five years, Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000 has always said that if they ever did "Spock's Brain," they'd subsequently fold their tent because it couldn't be beaten. True to their word, having done the Brain last year, this year will be the very last MTT3K. For a quarter of a century they filled the gap that was created when MTT3K went off the air. But now with the return of the original on Youtube or Netflix or wherever the hell it's showing up, Mike, Bob and Peter have decided to retire their annual parody of Star Trek.

You absolutely must not miss this hilarious farewell performance, featuring a video overview of the best of the opening sketches (assuming they can find any that were actually good) and a final one hour (well, 47 minute) parody of something or other.