Shore Leave Masquerade

The Shore Leave Masquerade aired Saturday July 11, 2020 as a compilation of pre-recorded videos and photos with Master of Ceremonies June Swords.

The Shore Leave 41.5 Virtual Masqerade awards

The Masquerade judges have finished their virtual deliberations, and so without further delay, we're pleased to announce the results:

Judges' Choice
Thomas G. Atkinson for "Renaissance Ritual"
Most Musical
John Luke Hazelwood for "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
Handiwork: Best Use of Difficult Materials and Most Joyful
Art Boorman for "Rave, the Love Bunny"
Handiwork: Prosthetic Makeup and Most Striking, and Most Innovative Use of the Virtual Medium
Selena Salisbury for "Lurking in the Deep."
Handiwork: Best Re-creation and Best Re-Creation
Eric Engler for "Battlestar Galactica 1978"
Handiwork: Best Attention to Detail and Best Presentation
Lisa Ashton for "Visit to a Friend"
Best Interpretation and Handiwork, Best in Show
Leigh Targaryen for "Sailor Neptune"
Best in Show
David Tracy, Corey Law, Dan Buckley, Brandon Culver, and Dean Gleason for "A Quiet Place"