Convention Policies

Autograph Policy

Your Shore Leave membership includes a free autograph from each of the guests participating in the official autograph session. Names of guests participating in the official autograph session will be announced at a later date. Guests participating in the official autograph session will be Gates McFadden and Brent Spiner.

One autograph permitted, per guest, per membership badge, per day, during the official autograph sessions on any item that YOU provide. This is subject to on-site agreement with the guests. Please note: the program book will count as your one free item during the official autograph sessions; it is NOT in addition to your one free signature. Signing the program book outside of the official autograph sessions, free of charge, will be at the discretion of the guest. Please be sure to inquire about the charge before obtaining the signature.

The official autograph sessions line will be formed as badge numbers are announced. Lowest numbers are called and form the line first; anyone may enter the line anytime after their badge number is called, but they will NOT be bumped in front of higher numbers that have been called. We do NOT line up in strict numerical order, but by number range. Numbers will be announced in all convention areas of the hotel, so please do not linger in the area while awaiting your number - go enjoy the con!

Lone individuals with disabilities may report to the waiting area of the autograph line when the number range for their badge is announced. They will be fed into the line when their number range reaches the front of the line. Individuals with disabilities who are with a companion or a group may report to the waiting area when the companion or remainder of the group enters the autograph line. The individual will be allowed to join the companion or group when they reach the waiting area.

Dealers may report to the waiting area of the autograph line when the number range for their badge is announced. They will be fed into the line when their number range reaches the front of the line. Please note that this can still take some time, so the following options are recommended:

  • Have a trusted individual wait in line with all dealer badges and items to be signed.
  • Arrived near the end of the autograph session.
  • Wait until Sunday when the autograph session is generally smaller.

Any other feed-ins are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Presentation Policy

Personal presentations while guests are on the stage are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, giving presents, and asking for hugs, kisses, handshakes or photographs with the guests. Due to security concerns, no wrapped gifts are to be presented to the celebrity guests in the autograph line.

Personal Conduct Policy

Shore Leave is meant to be enjoyed by all people present, including attending fans, guests, and staff. In order for everyone to comfortably participate in the activities in a somewhat crowded environment, we all need to agree to respect each other, our personal spaces, our differing opinions, and share responsibility for everyone's personal physical and emotional comfort and safety. We expect courtesy and cooperation from everyone in this regard. If anyone feels they cannot resolve an uncomfortable situation on their own, please do not hesitate to seek out a member of our committee for assistance. If you feel that your or someone else's physical safety is at risk, please contact Shore Leave security, hotel security, or local law enforcement. If, in the opinion of the con-chairs, an episode of harassment has occurred, the person committing the offense will have their badge confiscated and will be asked to leave the convention without compensation.

Video-recording Policy

Video-recording is not allowed in the Hunt Valley Ballroom.

Weapons Policy

No unsheathed swords or uncapped knives, prop, paint ball, or splatter guns, laser tag, or similar articles will be allowed. Laser target designators or laser pointers are not allowed in the Convention Areas (with the exception of those used by guest speakers) as they may cause injury.


When Ten Forward closes, the room is closed. This is so that we can get the room set up for programming to begin on time Sunday. Thank you for your cooperation.

Refund Policy

Convention memberships are transferable with the approval of the convention registration committee. Workshops are not refundable unless the workshop is canceled. Registration refund requests received more than thirty days after the registration's receipt by Shore Leave are subject to a processing fee of $5.00 per registration. No registration refunds are given after June 15, 2021.

A big thank you to all those who have given us name/address changes to keep our mailing list up-to-date!

Membership Badges


To receive your badge you MUST present your confirmation letter and proper photo ID at the Pre-Registration desk. PHOTOCOPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Please remember to wear your badge in a visible location or you will be asked to produce it.


Notice: Your purchase of a membership to Shore Leave constitutes acknowledgement of your willingness to appear in photographs and video taken in public areas of the convention and releases Shore Leave, the Star Trek Association of Towson, Inc, Delta Hotels Baltimore, and their employees and lessee from all liability resulting from the use of this audio-visual material. You waive all rights to these materials for publication in any medium.

Charitable Collections

Shore Leave has specific rules concerning charity collections done at the fan tables.

  1. Shore Leave must receive written notification from the charity that they are aware of your organization's charity collection on their behalf while at Shore Leave. If the charity is one that your organization deals with year-round a letter stating that they are aware of your collection activities throughout the year would be fine.
  2. Proper records must be kept during the convention to document the amount of money raised.
  3. Follow-up notification from the charity verifying receipt of the charity money must be sent to Shore Leave after the completion of the convention. All legit charities issue letters that verify contributions - a copy of that letter would be fine.

Disability Support

Shore Leave seeks to do its utmost to provide equal access to its participants with disabilities in accordance with State and Federal Law. Due to the convention's limited resources, convention staff may be required to discuss your reasonable accommodation with you in order to attempt to meet your needs. Seating is limited, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask that you be cooperative, and prompt for seating times for events you would like to see. Qualification for services does not guarantee availability of seating.

Individuals with disabilities may report to the front of the autograph line when the number range for their badge number is announced. They will be fed into the autograph line at that time.

Use of Convention Space

Public Space shall be defined as all open hallways (with the exception of the Hunt/Valley Room corridor), the Dealer's Rooms and vending hallway, and the Video Room. These spaces are open to the public and no Shore Leave Membership is required to enter these areas.

Private Convention Space shall be defined as the Hunt/Valley corridor and all rooms in which programming occurs. No one will be admitted to any of these rooms without a Shore Leave Membership. This restriction is in place from noon Friday through 7 p.m. Sunday of the convention weekend.

Shore Leave thanks all individuals and groups for cooperating with this policy. We like to accommodate all groups with space requests but need them to understand that we are paying for that space. In order to be able to continue the convention, we need the support of our attendees to pay the bills!


In accordance with hotel policy, no outside alcohol may be brought into convention areas.