Shore Leave 40 Guest: TJ Perkins

TJ Perkins

TJ Perkins is a gifted and well-respected author in the mystery/suspense genre for YA and fantasy for teens. TJ has 8 YA mysteries under GumShoe Press, a new 5 book fantasy series entitled Shadow Legacy with Silver Leaf Books and a picture book for young New Age children.


Always a strong presence at Balticon, TJ conducts writer workshops for adults. Her short stories for young readers have appeared in the Ohio State 6th Grade Proficiency Test Preparation Book, Kid's Highway Magazine, and Webzine 'New Works Review,' just to name a few. She's placed five times in the CNW/FFWA chapter book competition. Her short story of light horror for tweens, The Midnight Watch, was published Oct 2007 by Demon Minds Magazine, Soul Searching by Pacific Review 2014, as well as several other short stories appearing in many anthologies in 2014.

Books by TJ Perkins:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-160975-073-2 Silver Leaf Books
978-076434-943-0 Schiffer
978-160975-071-8 Silver Leaf Books
Silver Leaf Books
Silver Leaf Books
978-160975-069-5 Silver Leaf Books
978-160975-055-8 Silver Leaf Books
Silver Leaf Books
978-097775-384-0 GumShoe Press
978-097775-387-1 GumShoe Press
978-097775-385-7 GumShoe Press
GumShoe Press
GumShoe Press
978-097775-386-4 GumShoe Press
978-097775-380-2 GumShoe Press
978-097775-381-9 GumShoe Press