Shore Leave 41.6 Guest: Timothy F Slater

Timothy F Slater
Timothy will be speaking about:

Dr. Tim Slater holds the University of Wyoming Excellence in Higher Education Endowed Chair of Science Education. Along with his wife and his graduate students at the CAPER Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research, he conducts fundamental research on how students learn science. He is the author of ten books, including a highly popular astronomy book for college students, and more than 100 scholarly research articles.

Dr. Slater frequently serves as a lecturing ship's scientist on cruise ships providing enthusiastic insights into the cultural connections between science, technology and society. Well respected in his field, he has served on the Board of Directors for the American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Society of College Science Teachers, and the National Science Teachers Association. He is a highly sought after conference keynote speaker on both the nature of science and the science of teaching.

Tim is an avid online social networker, having both Twitter and Facebook accounts under the profile of CAPERTEAM and an amateur astronomer. He can often be found riding his motorcycle cross country or sitting at his deck alongside his wife sipping an inexpensive glass of wine at sunset.

You can find Tim's Amazon author page right here.

Tim and Stephanie Slater will speak about "Look to the Skies! The SciFi promise of remotely controlled drones is upon us":
Autonomous flying robotic drone have been a staple of futuristic views of science-fiction for decades. Today, autonomous drones are becoming reality. How did futuristic visionaries envision drones and how does that compare to what we see today?

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