Shore Leave 41 Guest: TA Chafin

TA Chafin

T.A. Chafin has established himself as an authority on little known facts about the Star Wars genre. He has been busily gathering facts, behind the scenes material and bloopers for the prequel movies.

T.A. Chafin is a computer professional who has at various times in his life been a video store manager, painter, auto-plant worker, book store manager, janitor, and library clerk. He is a published photographer and has written for Starlog, Analog, and the Star Trek comic book. He is co-author, along with Polly Luttrull, of The Unauthorized Nitpicker's Guide to the SW Saga.

He feels his proudest "Star Wars Moment" was sneaking into the World Premiere of The Empire Strikes Back at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, where he got to watch one of his friends hug and have her picture taken with Harrison Ford.

T. A. is known as a fan who takes costuming seriously enough to incur bodily harm and has the distinction of being struck by lightning. (He survived). Those of us who have known T. A. for many, many years, know why he goes by his initials, but we're paid enough to keep it to ourselves.

Books by TA Chafin:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
0-97703-860-2 D-Tower Publications