Shore Leave 43 Guest: Steven H Wilson

Steven H Wilson
Steven H. Wilson has written for Starlog, DC Comics' Star Trek and Warlord, and, most recently, served as principal writer and director for Prometheus Radio Theatre ( and publisher of Fire- bringer Press ( His original science fiction series, The Arbiter Chronicles, currently boasting nineteen full-cast audio dramas and the novel Taken Liberty, has won the Mark Time Silver Award and the Parsec Award for Best Audio Drama (long form). His third novel, Unfriendly Persuasion, was released in 2012. He is also a contributor to the ReDeus series from Crazy 8 Press, and, as of this writing, is plotting his third tale of the mythological gods' return to earth. As a podcaster, besides hosting the Prometheus Radio Theatre podcast, he has recorded Lester Del Rey's Badge of Infamy for, performed multiple roles in J. Daniel Sawyer's production of Antithesis, and contributed narration to the audio novel Geek Love. Active in science fiction fandom since 1984, he has written, drawn, edited and published fanzines, acted and directed with a comedy troupe, and served as a gopher, a con chair or a guest at roughly a hundred conventions. Wilson, who works as an IT manager, holds degrees from the University of Maryland College of Journalism and the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering. He lives in Elkridge, MD with his wife Renee and sons Ethan and Christian. His weekly blog of ramblings on various topics, plus all kinds of information about his work, past, present and future, is available at

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