Shore Leave 43 Guest: Robb Pearlman

Robb Pearlman

Robb Pearlman (he/him) is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, pop culturalist, publishing professional, and author of more than 70 books for grown-ups and kids. As an industry-leading expert and innovative multi-faceted creative who understands how to authentically and effectively translate media properties into bestselling fan-favorite books, Robb has ideated, created, written, and designed books based on many of the world's biggest pop culture brands including: Marvel Comics, Star Trek, The Golden Girls, Bob's Burgers, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Bob Ross, The Smurfs, Rick & Morty, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and more. He has also written a host of original books including Live Like a Vulcan, Love Like a Wookiee, Laugh Like a Hobbit, I Adulted, and 101 Ways to Kill a Zombie.


As a publishing professional, Robb has acquired, edited, and designed a host of bestselling and award-winning pop culture and entertainment books including The Princess Bride Cookbook, The Parks and Recreation Cookbook, The Book of Karen, The Con-a-Sutra, Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting, The Bob's Burgers Burger Book, Anomalisa, Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema, Stuck on Star Trek, and The Princess Bride: A Celebration. He has edited monographs of the work and lives of award-winning animators Bill Plympton and Ralph Bakshi, and The Joker, the first book solely devoted to the DC Comics super-villain.


Robb has enjoyed meeting fellow fans during his successful events and signings at national industry and consumer book conventions, Star Trek Las Vegas, San Diego Comic-Con, New York ComicCon, and book and comic book retailers across the country. He is a guest on the annual Official Star Trek Cruise,  was featured as an on-air commentator in National Geographic Channel's "Generation X" series, contributed to, performed at the Nerdnite Nerdtacular, and has been featured on several pop culture blogs and SiriusXM radio shows. Robb serves on the Advisory Board of the MS in Publishing Program at Pace University, and served on the Board of Directors of Teachers & Writers Collaborative.


He lives in New Jersey. Visit him at or on social media.


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