Shore Leave 43 Guest: Penny Johnson Jerald

Penny Johnson Jerald was born in Baltimore, Maryland. After 4 summers of performing in Theatre Project's Art Circus, Penny continued training at the Juilliard School. Upon graduating from Juilliard in New York, Penny Johnson Jerald appeared in shows such as The Paper Chase and Homeroom, as well as in several movies. Her first major role was in the HBO comedy The Larry Sanders Show, where she played the title character's assistant, Beverly Barnes. She also recurred in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Captain Kasidy Yates.

Jerald's best-known role came in 2001, when she joined the Fox series 24 as Sherry Palmer, the devious wife of President David Palmer. This was followed by recurring roles in The 4400, October Road and Eve. Jerald played former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in two productions on the 9/11 attacks: Showtime's DC 9/11 in 2003, and ABC's The Path to 9/11 in 2006.

PennyJJerald is a teacher, director and producer of theater with musician husband, Gralin Jerald. Upon getting accepted into Law School, Penny joined the cast of ABC's Castle series, as police chief Victoria Gates. Penny Johnson Jerald portrayed billionaire Jackie Jones in TV ONE's hit movie: Media. You can stream on Hulu or DisneyPlus to see Penny as Dr. Claire Finn in The Orville. Look for Ms. Jerald as the recurring Principal Cassie Bernard in Seth MacFarlane's TED on peacocktv and as Shirley DuBois in BlackNews Films much anticipated Untitled Docufilm.

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