Shore Leave 40 Guest: Michael Salamon

Michael Salamon
Michael will be speaking about:

Michael Salamon received his B.S. in physics at MIT and his Ph.D. in physics at U.C. Berkeley, following which he did research for several years at Berkeley in the field of particle astrophysics. His work included searches for dark matter and primordial antimatter in the cosmic rays, and on the development of particle detectors.


He next spent over a decade at the University of Utah as a Professor of Physics, teaching and conducting research in both experimental and theoretical ultra-high energy particle astrophysics. Then, given an offer he couldn't refuse, he moved to NASA Headquarters to head its new Physics of the Cosmos Program, which included space-based searches for gravitational radiation and violations of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, measurements of the cosmic microwave background, and x-ray sky surveys. 


After a decade at NASA, Michael moved to the Department of Energy's Office of High Energy Physics, where he has been responsible for DOE's national direct-detection dark matter program. The bio photo shows him deep underground by the LUX experiment, currently one of the world's most sensitive detectors of dark matter.