Shore Leave 41 Guest: Marco Palmieri

Marco Palmieri

Marco Palmieri is a freelance editor and creative consultant for fantastic fiction, games, audio dramas, and more.


As a senior editor for Tor Books, Forge Books, and Publishing, Marco worked with authors such as Brooke Bolander, Seth Dickinson, Max Gladstone, Kameron Hurley, David Mack, Mimi Mondal, Sunny Moraine, Ilana C. Myer, Lawrence M. Schoen, Brian Staveley, James Swallow, E. Lily Yu, and many others.


With Editor Jen Gunnels, Marco co-founded Tor Labs, an imprint focusing on experimental approaches to genre publishing, which launched in 2017 with the award-winning, one-million-download science fiction audio drama Steal the Stars.


Earlier in his career, Marco was a senior editor at Simon & Schuster, specializing in media tie-in publishing for IPs like Star Trek, Marvel, DC, World of WarCraft, Resident Evil, and others. During the Stone Age, Marco was part of the marketing team at DC Comics; in the Late Jurassic Period, he was store manager at Forbidden Planet in New York City.


Follow him on Twitter: @mxpalmieri


(Marco’s photo is by Bill Wadman)


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