Shore Leave 40 Guest: Leona Wisoker

Leona Wisoker

Leona Wisoker started out as a writer when she was eight. Her parents made the mistake of praising her work; friends and family alike have had to wade through piles of her writing ever since. This is, thankfully, not as tedious as it used to be (or so she is assured).


She writes speculative fiction, edits, teaches, blogs, and occasionally reviews books, music, and food items. She tends to choose reading material alphabetically rather than by subject or author, which has led her to read about aardvarks, birds, child-warriors, dragons, eggs, faeries, ghosts, horses, and many other random subjects.


Leona's science-fantasy series, The Children of the Desert, is set in a world still struggling through a number of basic moral and developmental issues. The beliefs and strengths of each character are tested to the limit in the course of multiple intersecting story arcs. And, of course, there's a mysterious ancient race in the background that could destroy all life on earth if they get sufficiently annoyed. Anything less would just be boring.


Leona Wisoker's short stories have appeared in Futures: Fire to Fly, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Galactic Creatures anthology, Sha'Da: Pawns anthology, and more. She has lived in Florida, Connecticut, Oregon, New Hampshire, Las Vegas, Alaska, California, and Virginia; has experienced the alternate realities of Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, New York, Long Island, and Italy; and believes that "home is wherever my coffee cup is filled." She lives in Virginia with an extraordinarily patient husband and two large dogs.


Leona will also be in the dealers room at The Scribbling Lion at, where her books will be available. The Scribbling Lion is a bookstore. A discussion group. A music store. A bunch of crazy artists across multiple medias who are secretly plotting to take over the world (shhhh...). Come on over and chat. We won't chew your arm off or grab for your wallet. We really just want to talk about great books and music. We might even have free chocolate...