Shore Leave 39 Guest: Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson was born about the same time Apollo XII landed on the moon and shares a birthday with the Kindle. He's written a bunch of stuff, from Star Trek stories to spaghetti westerns set in ancient Egypt to urban fantasy set in Washington DC, and other stories in and around the SFF genres. Member of SFWA, Codex, and IAMTW.


In rare moments when he's not writing or publishing, Jim plays board games and card games, eats more pizza than he really should, and makes a brilliant bowl of popcorn. He also likes to live dangerously by running last click.

Jim lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife, son, and three cats. If he ever gets around to updating it, you can learn more about him and his writing at

Books by Jim Johnson:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-069263-931-3 Ineti Press
978-069263-930-6 Ineti Press
978-069262-035-9 Ineti Press
1-41655-850-0 Pocket
1-59869-655-6 Adams Media
1-41654-438-0 Pocket
1-41652-048-1 Pocket
978-074348-780-1 Pocket