Shore Leave 44 Guest: Ian Randal Strock

Ian Randal Strock

Ian Randal Strock is the publisher of Fantastic Books (, an editor, and a writer. His fiction has appeared in Analog (from which he won two AnLabs), Nature, several smaller magazines, and a bunch of recent anthologies. His non-fiction is capped by three books of presidential history (though his agent is currently pitching his newest book, a tongue-in-cheek look at punctuation). Fantastic Books is an independent publisher that has recently released the anthologies Jewish Futures and Release the Virgins, as well as novels and collections by Allen Steele, Tanith Lee, Michael Moorcock, and many others. Previously, he edited and published Artemis Magazine, and he also served on the editorial staffs of Analog, Asimov's, Science Fiction Chronicle, Realms of Fantasy, and many others. He's also the First Vice Chair (vice president) of American Mensa.

Books by Ian Randal Strock:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-151542-422-2 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151542-396-6 Fantastic Books
978-151542-384-3 Fantastic Books
978-151542-337-9 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151542-370-6 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151542-332-4 Gray Rabbit Publishing
978-151541-025-6 Fantastic Books
978-163144-059-5 Carrel Books
978-163144-058-8 Carrel Books
978-162755-629-3 Gray Rabbit Publishing