Shore Leave 43 Guest: Glenn Hauman

Glenn Hauman

Glenn Hauman has over 25 years of experience in publishing and was a pioneer in ebooks. Mr. Hauman has worked as an author, graphic designer, editor, photo retoucher, CD-ROM producer, story consultant for films, and radio show host. His Star Trek book, "Creative Couplings", got worldwide press coverage for its portrayal of the first Klingon-Jewish wedding. In addition to Star Trek, he's written other licensed tie-in works for X-Men and Farscape, and urban fantasy for Baen Books, and he was the colorist for Mike Grell's Jon Sable Freelance: Ashes Of Eden graphic novel as part of his work for ComicMix ( His most fun work is with ComicMix Pro Services, where he says "anything that a comic creator doesn't want to deal with, or know how to do... we do. We provide everything you need to make your comics great."

He is also a founding member of Crazy 8 Press, the internet publishing venture launched at Shore Leave 33.

Books by Glenn Hauman:

Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-173204-061-8 Crazy 8 Press
They Keep Killing Glenn 978-098368-778-8 Crazy 8 Press
978-099836-411-7 Crazy 8 Press
978-193988-837-2 Crazy 8 Press
978-151502-100-1 Crazy 8 Press
978-189254-409-4 Crazy 8 Press
Crazy 8 Press
0-74347-707-3 Pocket
0-74346-443-5 Pocket