Shore Leave 40 Guest: Diane Carey

Diane Carey

DIANE CAREY is a Top-Ten New York Times Bestselling novelist several times over, author of 50 books, including bestsellers on the USA Today list. Her novel BEST DESTINY was in the Top Fifteen of the New York Times Hardcover Bestseller List and inspired the movie "Star Trek" in 2009. Her first Star Trek book, DREADNOUGHT!, inspired the plot for the second re-imagined Star Trek movie, "Star Trek: Into Darkness." She was the top-selling author for the Star Trek line of novels published by Simon and Schuster/Pocket Books.

In 2011 the non-fiction book "Do You Have a Beaumont Doctor?," Huron River Press, July 2011, was published, written in collaboration with Dr. Ananias Diokno, Chief Medical Officer of the Beaumont Hospital system. The book involved a year and a half's worth of research, interviewing, editing and writing, then compilation and set-up of over 90 original interviews with doctors, administrators and nurses, as well as historic research and original writing. Diane was chosen to write the book so it would not be dry and clinical, but lively and entertaining as it traced the history of Beaumont Hospitals in Michigan, echoing the development of medicine from 1945 through the present, and visions for the future.

Diane works in collaboration with her husband, Greg Brodeur, who is "plot engine," as well as primary researcher and editor. With Greg, she has written two ALIEN novels, two Civil War novels, DISTANT DRUMS and RISE DEFIANT, and a Young Adult adventure series, DISTRESS CALL 911, about teens involved with emergency rescue and police work.

She has been a college instructor of English Composition and Rhetoric, Business Communications, Literary Analysis and Speech/Public Speaking, has been a columnist, an issue advocate, political writer and debater, screenwriter, public speaker, medical writer, and is an experienced editor. Her work for Memorial Health Care in Owosso, Michigan won an American Advertisers award (ADDY) for the Annual Report. She produced a wetlands case study for the Mackinac Center of Public Policy, and has collaborated with noted experts.

For her accomplishments, she received a Fellowship from the Flint Northern High School Alumni Association, a Romance Writers of America Golden Medallion Award, and a Peanut Press Award for internet bestseller.

As a watch leader and training officer serving several tall ships, Diane has written watchkeeping manuals and developed training courses for crew and volunteers. Diane has sailed both coasts of the United States, Chesapeake Bay, and the Great Lakes aboard historic-rigged sailing vessels including the Baltimore Clipper Pride of Baltimore II, Half Moon, Schooners Highlander Sea, Virginia, Alexandria, Lettie G. Howard, True North, the Revenue Cutter Californian, and several others. She has served as crew, watchleader, volunteer coordinator and training officer for most of these ships several times over, becoming familiar with the ships and ultimately coordinating and teaching classes for volunteers in the tying and proper shipboard use of knots, bends and hitches, in helm and bow watchkeeping procedures, emergency procedures, tall ship history, a life aboard. She has incorporated her sailing experiences and knowledge into her fiction writing, enhancing the sense of accuracy and history in her novels. Her experience involves training and watchleeping for adults, teens, and/or school children, depending upon the ship's program.

Diane and Greg live in Michigan and have three children, Lydia, Gordon and Benjamin, all now adults, their dogs Cairo and Mozart and the Great White Hunter, Spook the cat. They have three grandchildren, Devlin, Katie Rose, and Serenity Rose, and several grand-dogs and grand-cats.