Shore Leave 43 Guest: Christopher D. Abbott

Christopher D. Abbott

Christopher is a Reader's Favorite award winning author and Star Trek Feature Writer.


Christopher is a writer of crime, fantasy, science-fiction, and horror.


Described by New York Times Bestseller Michael Jan Friedman as "an up-and-coming fantasy voice", and compared to Roger Zelazny's best work, Abbott's Songs of the Osirian series of works brings a bold re-telling of Ancient Egyptian mythology. Abbott presents a fresh view of deities we know, such as Horus, Osiris, and Anubis. He weaves the godlike magic through musical poetry, giving these wonderfully tragic and deeply flawed "gods" different perspective, all the while increasing their mysteriousness.


In 2020 Christopher published Progenitor, his first book with Crazy8Press, and began writing for ScreenRant as a Star Trek and TV/Movies Feature Writer.



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