Shore Leave 40 Guest: Ariel Vitali

Ariel Vitali
Ariel will be speaking about:

Ariel Vitali, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing at an outpatient clinic in Towson. He is originally from the smoggy suburban wilds of Southern California, and currently a resident of Howard County, now for almost three years, Ariel attended the University of California at Riverside and the Geisel School of Medicine (Dartmouth College). His clinical interests are in mood disorders, ADHD, and anxiety disorders, as well as working with LGBTQ+ and Spanish-speaking patients.


Ariel's personal interests include maintaining good standing in the Cult of Apple, enjoying the occasional video or board game, engaging in the mild delusion that he is a member of Ravenclaw House, belting out songs at Vic's Place karaoke, debunking the alleged Star Trek/Star Wars beef, playing trombone for the Columbia Concert Band, and is a passionate life-long fan of both the Los Angeles Dodgers and science fiction/fantasy. Ariel is also a long-time member of STARFLEET International, so not only does he play a doctor in real life, he also plays one in Star Trek. He and wife Terry Bingham hope to be living in the Hunt Valley area by the time the next Shore Leave rolls around.