Shore Leave 40 Guest: Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald
Andrew will be speaking about:

Dr. Andrew McDonald is a vertebrate paleontologist and writer. He achieved his BS in Geology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his PhD in Vertebrate Paleontology at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. McDonald studies the evolution of dinosaurs, particularly in North America during the Cretaceous Period, and has published numerous peer-reviewed papers. He also has named four new types of dinosaur: Jeyawati from New Mexico, Iguanacolossus and Hippodraco from Utah, and Proa from Spain. The paper describing Iguanacolossus and Hippodraco is freely accessible here.

In addition to his ongoing research on dinosaurs, Dr. McDonald works as a freelance science writer. He also enjoys writing original science-fiction stories and, when free time unexpectedly appears in his path, designing and blogging about starships here. Dr. McDonald has been a devoted Star Trek fan since the tender age of nine and took its theme of scientific exploration to heart, though he treks through badlands and museum basements rather than deep space.