Shore Leave Art Show

The Art Show presents sculptures, original paintings, prints, and drawings from all parts of the Alpha Quadrant. Please check the appropriate line on the registration form if you want to enter your work in the show. Judging will take place at noon on Saturday. Please feel free to come to the auction and spend money.

For more information about the Shore Leave Art Show, please contact Art Show Chair Allyssa Holmgren.

Art Show Rules and Regulations

  1. All pieces must be titled, matted, and/or framed. All art should be protected with shrink-wrap or equivalent. The Art Show will not be responsible for inadequately protected art.
  2. All pieces must have artists or agent's name and address clearly labeled on the back. We allow a maximum of 20 pieces per artist; any exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the Art Show Chairs.
  3. The Art Show will collect a 12% commission on all sales. "Not For Sale" (NFS) items will not be accepted into the Art Show.
  4. Adult oriented materiel will be hung so that young eyes cannot see it. The Art Show Chairs reserve the right to determine the suitability of any art submitted.
  5. Signed limited edition prints will be allowed in the Art Show with the following stipulations:
    1. Prints must be clearly labeled as "print" on the control sheet.
    2. All prints must have serial number and series (i.e. 12 of 40).
    3. Only one copy of a print series will be allowed. Please be advised that we do not run a print shop due to limited space.
  6. Artists/Agents will be responsible for hanging their own artwork on Friday and Saturday. If we find that space is in short supply and there is need to move art closer together, please be assured that we will treat your art with loving care. Control and bid sheets will be provided in the show, and are available in advance from the Art Show Chairs. (Also online. See below.)
  7. Only low wattage light displays will be allowed, and must be on an intermittent timer to prevent heat build-up.
  8. The Art Show does not sell panel space. Art is hung on a "first come" basis and the space is free. Our buyers come early, you should, too.
  9. Judging will take place on Saturday morning. Categories will be established by the Art Show Chairs. All those wishing to have their work judged must have their art in place by 10am on Saturday.
  10. The Art Show will accept cash, checks with valid ID and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) as payment for art purchases.
  11. Art that is not picked up on time will become the property of Shore Leave.
  12. Anyone owing money to Shore Leave will be allowed to enter their art in the Art Show; however, the money they owe will be deducted from any sales made.
  13. The Art Show Chair is the final arbiter of what goes in the show.
  1. Download the Control Sheet (pdf)
  2. Download the Bid Sheet (pdf)