Leonard Nimoy Makes Virtual Appearance at Shore Leave

Leonard Nimoy
Dear Shore Leave Family and Friends,

The Shore Leave committee is thrilled to announce that Leonard Nimoy will be virtually joining the guest line up for Shore Leave 36. Mr. Nimoy will not appear in person, instead his appearance will take place via Skype in the main ballroom. This one-time conversation takes place on Sunday, August 3rd.

Although this arrangement prevents Mr. Nimoy from participating in Photo Ops or an in-person autograph session, you will still be able to obtain his autograph. Mr. Nimoy has agreed to make autographed photos available by pre-order only, for pickup at the convention. These photos will not be available for purchase after July 15.

We're quite excited that Mr. Nimoy will be joining us this summer, and hope you are too.


Gene Roddenbunny
for the Shore Leave 36 Committee